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Redefining operations with transformational efficiency

At Voya India Business Process Management, we have a strong workforce of professionals operating across multiple locations across India.

Here, at the India office, we provide services to Voya’s global business across the following lines of businesses

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Workplace Solutions

Health Solutions

Wealth Solutions

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Investment Management

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Finance and Accounting

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Actuarial Services

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Marketing and Communication

Our service portfolio

Our service portfolio includes a wide plethora of services, which help address the varied needs of Voya’s clients and customers.

A process through which a new client or a user gets onboarded on the system so that they can start using the plan services

This process provides administration and support function services to the front office. In a nutshell, back-office transaction processing involves managing/processing a large volume of data and various transaction types for a given plan.

Provide support to enhance the current capabilities of systems, tools, and applications.

To ensure that, every time a process is performed, the same information, processing steps, skills, and controls are used and applied in a consistent manner to ensure process adherence thereby meeting the expected quality standards

This team is responsible for providing back-end support for developing all internal and external marketing communication

An iterative process of providing back-end support services to the business's sales team which in turn enables them to close business deals.

provides support through relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers thereby addressing their required needs

A specialized function that provides services to support the end-to-end F&A function within the organization.

Ensures that the product and process adhere to the regulatory requirements.

Bring efficiencies into the processes, systems, tools, and applications which in turn deliver operational efficiencies and enhanced solutions to the customers.

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